Easter Sunday

The Christian holiday that always follows Holy Saturday, the day where Jesus was put to rest in his tomb, after Good Friday, where Jesus of Nazareth, the Christian Messiah, was executed via means of hanging on a cross alongside two thieves. Easter Sunday has a happier more glorious celebration, for it is the day that Jesus Christ stood up from the dead and was resurrected to be reunited with God his heavenly father.

It is written that Mary Magdalene was the person who visited the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth and to her shock and horror found that the two and a half ton stone covering the entrance to the tomb had been moved. The angel Gabriel was the one to make an appearance to her to tell her of the good news of the fact that Jesus Christ was alive. It is also written that Jesus Christ made appearances to over 500 confirmed witnesses over this time.

Easter Sunday has a hopeful and incredibly light side, which also carries with it endless debates and persecution over the fact whether this tale is a hoax in history or a fact. For the Christian children though it is a wonderful day of Easter egg hunting and learning about how their saviour, the son of God could overcome the aweful thing called death.