Fathers Day

Many people think that Fathers Day was placed on the calendar in order to make it fair next to Mothers Day, however this is not the case. The first official observance of Fathers Day took place on 5th July 1908, in the town of Fairmont, West Virginia.

Fathers Day was in fact an aftermath of the sorrow felt by a woman named Grace Golden Clayton. She was herself mourning the loss of her own father whom she lost in December 1907, to the Monongah Mining Disaster. This specific mining disaster has been described as the worst mining disaster in american history, the explosion that happened within the mine at 10:28 in the morning killed most of the men trapped inside the mine that day.

A total of 367 men died in the blast which left countless fatherless children. Grace Golden Clayton was so distraught and so moved by both the loss of her own father and the sight of so many children who had lost their own fathers that she suggested to her pastor to commemorate the fathers worldwide, and this is how all the world came to celebrate fathers day.

Most shops and malls and venues take part in the festivities of Fathers Day, there is always a hamper or a present to be found at discounted prices.  There really isnt a shortage of events on Fathers Day so make sure to book early.