Heritage Day

South Africa is known worldwide as the Rainbow Nation, and for a good reason, all the colours, cultures, creeds and religious faiths known to man, exist in this beautifully rich country. The South African National Heritage Day is one of the most epically beautiful days in the country, the time when every South African brings out their own piece of where they originate from.

The African cultures in South Africa span from Xhosa, Zulu which come from the larger Nguni group as well as Ndebele and Swazi, there is also Sotho, Shangaan-Tsonga and Venda. The other cultures come from all over the world, a large portion of South Africa is also Afrikaans and have chosen culturally to name Heritage Day National Braai Day, as braaing is a national cutural practice of the Afrikaaner people.

South Africa is also sometimes named the pavement special country to the rest of the worlds cultures as we really are home to almost every culture known to man. The national heritage day is a perfectly exquisitely colourfully rich sight to prove that South Africa truly lives up to its name as the Rainbow Nation. So if youre in the country on national heritage day make sure to let your culture come out to play and join in the worldwide cultural ambience of South African awesomeness.

Heritage Day 2017 in :

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