Human Rights Day

The origin of the public holiday of Human Rights Day lies in the brutal many-taled massacre of Sharpeville which took place in 1960. It is a day to remember those who passed away on this day in a vicious bloody onslaught which took place after a peaceful protest became violent, as well as being a day to remember that humanity has certain human rights which cannot and should not be taken away or violated ever.

The protest included women,men and children, 5000 strong, marching on the Sharpeville police station to show their disgruntledness against the unfair ‘pass laws’ which were enforced on people of colour during the Apartheid regime. The poor manned police station was not ready for the march of that day and according to police reports were indeed only manned by trainees, this being the main cause for the unforeseen vicious aftermath which ended in the death of 69 individuals, 31 women, and 19 children. It is said that the police trainees only fired live ammunition after attempting every other avenue including using battons and making arrests, which were all to no avail.

The amount of tales that resulted from the day cannot be deduced to a single concrete account of what truly took place on this fateful day, however Human Rights Day which was instilled by former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, is there to reinstill so many messages, including the most important which is when taking away humans basic rights and treating them like animals, nothing positive can result.

Human Rights 2018 Day in:

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