Limpopo is the northern most province of South Africa. It is named after the Limpopo River that flows across the province.

Rich in natural beauty, culture and wildlife, Limpopo has a thriving tourism industry and offers the adventure traveller the most spectacular natural scenery.

Limpopo lies within an area of mixed grassland and trees generally known as “bushveld”. A summer-rainfall region, the northern and eastern areas are subtropical with hot and humid summers and mist in the mountains. Winter is mild and mostly frost-free

Capital: Polokwane
Languages: 52.9% Sepedi, 17% Xitsonga, 16.7% Tshivenda
Population: 5 404 868 (2011)
Share of total SA population: 10.4%
Area: 125 755 km2
Share of total SA area: 10.3%
Population density: 43 people per km2

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