New Years Day

The history of the famous New Years Day

New Years Day actually has its roots in both the Julian Calendar, where it is, together with January named and celebrated after the pagan god Janus, who was the god of new beginnings and gateways, akin to the Hindu god Ganesha, as well as the Gregorian Calendar which is the preferred calendar of today where the circumcision and naming of the Christian Messiah is celebrated.

Besides the calendar history and religious celebrations which are usually only celebrated by Anglican and Lutheran denominations within the Christian Faith, New Years Day holds promise and hope for the people of the world.

It is usually a day where most shops, restaurants and malls are closed, leaving people with a 24hour span of quiet reflection where the traditional practice of making new years resolutions and cleaning out takes place.

There is a differing of traditional practices across the world which vary greatly to the conventional New Years Day practice of either surviving the day from partying the night before or quiet reflection.

In Japan for example, in Japan people celebrate their birthdays, which would be quite a treat after receiving all your Christmas gifts a week before if the holiday were accepted worldwide.

New Years Day 2018 in:

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