New Years Eve

Being present in one of the most beautiful cities on earth, Cape Town on New Years Eve is truly a spectacle of unforgettable proportions. The Mother City comes alive like never seen before.

With iconic places such as the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront staying open, with spectacular firework shows on display, and shopping malls and hundreds of restaurants and venues offering awesome parties and new years eve gatherings for everyone to come take part in.

New Years Eve actually stems from the former Pope Sylvester I whose passing happened on this day. He oversaw the First Council of Nicaea as well as Roman Emperor Constantine I’s conversion from paganism to Christianity, and most orthodox Christian churches celebrate his feasts day on the 2nd of January.

New Years Eve is generally a day without religious constraints and because the world follows mostly a gregorian calendar, it is seen as the day before the new year, a large percentage of people adopt a partying, inebriated state of mind during this time which involves frequenting different bars, clubs and pubs, and basically spending time with friends and taking a day off in the year not to care too much about anything except the celebration of making it through another year.

There are however the few who spend this time in reflection and introspection of the year that has passed and move into the new year in a peaceful and pleasurable way which does not end in what South Africans call a ‘Babbelas’ the next day.