Western Cape

The Western Cape lies at the southern most tip of South Africa. The splendid beauty of its landscape and cultural diversity of it’s people are key reasons why this region is highly regarded as a tourist hotspot. If you don’t live in this province, then you will definitely want to holiday here as frequently as possible.

The Cape winelands are amongst the most scenic winelands of the world, while their grapes produce some of the world’s best wines. The west coast boasts rich “fishing grounds” providing (the locals especially) with fresh and rare culinary delights. You will find large indigenous forests in the eastern regions, while the coastal regions offer long stretches of beaches.

The Western Cape also offers impressive mountain regions for any and every level of outdoor enthusiast. If vast spanses of dry land is your preference, however, then the breath taking plains of the Great Karoo might create your ideal holiday setting.

Capital Cape Town
Principle languages Afrikaans 49,6%
isiXhosa 24,7%
English 20,2%
Population 6 293 200
Share of the total population 11,3%
Area (km2) 129 462
% of total area 10,6%

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